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How to Make Your Assistant Happy on Administrative Professional's Day

Nothing can increase your productivity at work more than a happy and helpful assistant.


  • Step 1: Don’t forget Remember Administrative Professional’s Day. Note the day in your calendar every year. Nothing makes a person feel less important than being forgotten.
  • Step 2: Acknowledge the day Tell your assistant, "Happy Administrative Professional’s Day" and thank them for their hard work. Even if you don't give a gift, it's nice to be acknowledged.
  • TIP: Share your assistant’s contributions to the office with upper-management if your assistant has gone above and beyond their daily responsibilities.
  • Step 3: Be happy Smile and adopt a good mood all day. Happiness is contagious and will make your assistant happy as well.
  • Step 4: Add a gift Bring your assistant something that will brighten their day, such as flowers or a gift card.
  • TIP: Office-related gifts, such as an ergonomically correct chair or software upgrades, are always appreciated.
  • Step 5: Pay for lunch Offer to take your assistant out to lunch, or host a company-wide luncheon honoring all the assistants.
  • Step 6: Give the afternoon off Give your assistant a few hours off. Let them leave early, with pay, to show how much you appreciate their dedication.
  • FACT: A University of Florida study found that, while charismatic managers can be effective, excessive enthusiasm can turn off and demoralize employees.

You Will Need

  • A greeting
  • A smile
  • A good mood
  • A gift
  • A lunch reservation

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