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How to Advertise on YouTube without Video

You can advertise on the largest site within Google's Content Network even without video. YouTube lets you place many different types of ads against its rich selection of content to reach your target audience.


  • Step 1: Create a campaign Log in to your AdWords account and create a new campaign. Choose settings that best fit your campaign.
  • Step 2: Take advantage of flexible formats Pick a format for your ad campaign, whether it's text, display, Flash, or any combination thereof. YouTube allows you to get your message out to consumers with a variety of ad formats.
  • TIP: Check out Google's Display Ad Builder for free customized banners.
  • Step 3: Target the right users Target the right users. Within the placement tool, enter "," and choose where you want your ad to display. You can select a particular category of content or audience you're trying to reach. Your ad will appear right next to YouTube's partner content, or even in the video player itself with InVideo ad placements, ensuring you make an impression in the best environment for your needs.
  • Step 4: Set your budget Use Google's AdWords auction system to choose the best pricing plan for your YouTube campaign. Tell AdWords how much you're willing to pay per impression or click. You always have full control over how much you spend on a daily or monthly basis, and you can change your budget at any time.
  • Step 5: Measure your performance Monitor your campaign. Are you delivering on your impression goals? Are some placements within YouTube driving more traffic than others? AdWords provides data on your ads' performance and the flexibility to optimize your program.

You Will Need

  • A Google AdWords account

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