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How to Avoid a Female Fashion Faux Pas

Even celebrities have a hard time staying out of the would-you-be-caught-dead-in-this-outfit columns – and they have stylists! Reduce your chances of becoming a fashion victim by avoiding these fashion crimes.


  • Step 1: Wear the right size Make sure whatever you wear fits. The biggest fashion mistake women make is to wear the wrong size, either squeezing into something too small, or hiding under something baggy.
  • TIP: Remember this rule: Just because you can get into a small size doesn't mean you should.
  • Step 2: Keep underwear under your clothes Keep underwear under your clothes: No visible bra straps or panties peeking out of your pants. And make sure your panty lines aren't showing, either.
  • Step 3: Break up the denim Never wear a blue denim jacket with blue denim pants, unless you're a farmer.
  • Step 4: Cover your muffin If you can't wear low jeans and a short top without your stomach spilling out over your pants – a look accurately labeled "the muffin top" – either wear higher-waisted pants, or a longer top.
  • Step 5: Prevent wardrobe malfunctions Use double-sided tape wherever a small tug or strong wind could result in a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Step 6: Invest in cute walking shoes Invest in cute walking shoes instead of wearing hulking white sneakers – especially with business attire. And, please: Stop wearing plastic flip-flops unless you're at the beach.
  • Step 7: Ask around Ask friends what they're wearing to an event so you don't show up in the same outfit. If it happens anyway, just be thankful your social embarrassment won't end up in the tabloids.
  • FACT: Flip-flops at the office were rated the worst workplace fashion offense in one survey.

You Will Need

  • Clothes that fit
  • Unseen underwear
  • Double-sided tape
  • Cute walking shoes

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