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How to Be a Successful Party Promoter

Are you an expert in marketing? Use your people skills to become a party promoter.


  • Step 1: Know your market Get to know your audience and understand what interests them. Plan parties that feature entertainment and venues that both you and your audience are interested in.
  • TIP: Research competitors and look for markets they are missing. Plan parties that appeal to those markets.
  • Step 2: Network Develop strong communication skills. Talk to everyone you can and treat people well so they will want to party with you.
  • Step 3: Contact potential guests Build a contact list with as many names as your can. E-mail and snail mail contacts about upcoming parties.
  • TIP: Wait by the exits of clubs and hand out fliers about upcoming parties as people come out.
  • Step 4: Be creative Get creative when you’re selling the party. Offer entertainment that makes your party unique.
  • TIP: Arrange parties where singles can meet other singles.
  • Step 5: Create appeal Book celebrities -- of any caliber -- for your party. People like to hang out with famous people, even if they're only famous locally.
  • Step 6: Get professional Treat your party promotion business like any other professional endeavor. Get written contracts with club owners that specify your compensation.
  • Step 7: Party often Keep partying. Successful party promoters plan several parties a week, and sometimes more than one party a night.
  • FACT: On a New Year's Eve in the late 1970s, event planner Robert Isabell covered the floor of Studio 54 with 4 tons of glitter.

You Will Need

  • Entertainment
  • Venues
  • Networking skills
  • A contact list
  • A computer with internet access
  • Creativity
  • Celebrities
  • Contracts
  • Desire to party
  • Research (optional)
  • Fliers (optional)

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