How to Organize Your Garage Shop

If your garage is looking like a mess, this guide will help you whip things in shape in a flash.

You will need

  • Shelves
  • Hooks
  • Peg board
  • Tool cabinet
  • Baby food or mason jars

Step 1 Assemble shelving Hang shelves to help clear clutter from bench and floor space. Store like items together, such as lawn and garden tools, home repair equipment, and auto repair supplies.

Step 2 Install peg board Install a pegboard near your tool bench, and then hang small hand tools, like tin snips, handsaws, and other frequently used items.

Step 3 Hang hand tools Hang larger hand tools, such as shovels and rakes, on the walls with hooks or clamps.

Step 4 Use tool cabinets Store tools that can’t be hung in cabinets with multiple drawers for optimal organization.

Step 5 Clear work bench Clear off your workbench to create a clean work area for daily use and special projects.

Step 6 Organize nuts and bolts Organize nuts, bolts, and other small items using baby food jars or mason jars. Both are clear and allow you to see their contents at a glance.