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How to Become a PowerSeller on eBay

To join the free PowerSeller program, you have to sell a lot of items and keep your customers happy. Learn how you can rise to PowerSeller status.


  • Step 1: Meet the eBay PowerSeller requirements Make sure you are an active eBay member for 90 days and comply with all eBay marketplace policies. Make at least $1,000 each month in sales.
  • Step 2: Research your products Put up an average of four listings per month to be considered a PowerSeller. Research how much the products you plan on selling are worth.
  • TIP: Go to eBay Pulse to find out what is selling well on eBay, or study outside consumer reports to see what products are going to be hot in the marketplace.
  • Step 3: Maintain a professional listing Remember to make your listing look as professional as possible. Clear photos, proficient headlines, detailed descriptions, and smart usage of market tools will let your buyers see that you have quality items to sell.
  • Step 4: Promote your listings Fill out your eBay member profile page to give potential buyers an idea of what you sell. Use the "dutch auction" option or bulk list your items for sale. Either will allow you to sell multiple items at once. Or create a storefront web site that showcases your products to maintain a sturdy customer base and market your products.
  • Step 5: Focus on customer satisfaction Maintain a 98 percent positive feedback rating from customers to become a PowerSeller. Develop a sales policy that covers everything from responding to questions about the product to sending them the tracking number upon shipment. Stay organized so that you can handle customers efficiently and avoid delays.
  • Step 6: Get involved in the eBay community Stay up-to-date on trends and changes by participating in the PowerSellers discussion board to get news and notifications.
  • FACT: In 2001, a Gulfstream II jet was sold on eBay for $4.9 million.

You Will Need

  • A computer with internet access
  • An eBay account
  • Items to sell

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