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How to Take Care of Your Purse

Proper storage and care for your purse will keep it looking new.


  • Step 1: Clean interior Clean the interior of a purse by gently shaking out debris. Clean the liner with a vacuum cleaner attachment or a lint roller.
  • Step 2: Keep makeup Keep the lining clean by putting makeup in a separate bag and keeping the caps on your pens.
  • Step 3: Take to professional Have a professional repair person put protective "feet" on the bottom of the purse to protect it from dirt and scratches.
  • TIP: Take your purse to a professional for large stains and scuffs. Do not try to clean it yourself.
  • Step 4: Clean exterior Clean the exterior of a leather purse with alcohol-free baby wipes. Apply leather conditioner once a year.
  • Step 5: Fill Fill the purse with acid-free tissue paper to maintain the purse's shape when you're not using it.
  • Step 6: Use Use a cotton bag or pillowcase to store your purse. Keep your bag away from heat.
  • FACT: The Smithsonian National Museum uses acid-free paper, tissue, folders, labels, and boxes to prevent artifacts from decomposing and discoloring.

You Will Need

  • Vacuum attachment or lint roller
  • Makeup bag
  • Protective "feet"
  • Alcohol-free baby wipes
  • Leather conditioner
  • Acid-free tissue paper
  • Cotton bag or pillowcase

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