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How to Turn a Scarf into a Halter Top

Score a sexy new top without spending a dime by turning a scarf into a halter.


  • Step 1: Get a rectangular scarf Put on stick-on bra cups if you have them. Get a long, rectangular scarf and hang it around your neck so that the ends hang evenly in front.
  • Step 2: Crisscross it Crisscross it in front of you, spreading each side to cover a breast.
  • TIP: Use double-sided tape in the front for extra security.
  • Step 3: Tie it Tie the scarf at your lower back. If there’s a lot of material hanging down, bring it back to the front and make a bow there.
  • FACT: The halter-top design, which first appeared as an evening gown neckline in the 1930s, become a popular style of bathing suit top in the 1940s.

You Will Need

  • A long rectangular scarf or lightweight pashmina
  • approximately 63 inches long and 16 inches wide.

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