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How to Pull the Spilled Coffee Prank

Infuse some caffeine into your usual workplace high jinks with this little number.


  • Step 1: Cover mug Place the cardstock on top of the coffee mug so that it covers it completely.
  • Step 2: Flip it over Place your hand flat on top of the card stock to keep it in place. Quickly flip the mug over. When you release your hand, the card will stick to the mug by itself.
  • TIP: Practice this a few times before pulling the prank to perfect the flip.
  • Step 3: Set it down Set the mug down on the victim's desk.
  • Step 4: Remove card Hold down the mug with one hand and grasp one end of the card with the other hand. Quickly slide it out from beneath the cup, so no liquid escapes.
  • Step 5: Watch Watch or listen from behind your cubicle in amusement when your victim returns to find their mug upside down on their desk. When they pick it up, their desk will get its own caffeine fix.
  • FACT: A National Coffee Association survey reported that 17 percent of adult Americans drink gourmet coffee daily.

You Will Need

  • A cup of coffee
  • A piece of card stock
  • An unwitting victim

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