How to Make Drawer Dividers

Here's a quick and easy way to get those messy drawers organized.

You will need

  • A tape measure
  • Gift wrapping paper or contact paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • A straight edte
  • A craft knife
  • Sturdy cardboard

Step 1 Measure the drawer Measure the inside height, width, and depth of the inside of the drawer.

Step 2 Measure and cut paper Measure and cut the wrapping paper or contact paper to fit the inside bottom of the drawer. Adhere it with the double-sided tape.

Step 3 Cut a strip of cardboard Cut a strip of cardboard to the inside length and depth of your drawer with the craft knife.

Step 4 Cut slots Measure in one-third of the length of the strip from each side and cut ¼-inch wide notches through the bottom half of the strip.

Step 5 Cut vertical dividers Measure and cut two more cardboard strips equal to the inside width and depth of the drawer. Cut ¼-inch notches at their midpoints, from the top down.

Step 6 Fit dividers together Fit the notches in the shorter cardboard strips perpendicularly into the notches in the long strip and fit the divider into your drawer.

Step 7 Add dividers as needed Add or remove dividers as you need to, customizing the drawer for your needs.