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How to Paint Stripes

Add some pizzazz to solid-colored walls. Painting stripes is fun and easy if you know how.


  • Step 1: Tape the moldings Tape the window, door, ceiling, and floor trim.
  • Step 2: Paint a base coat Apply a base coat of paint. Cut in the edges with the paintbrush and paint the rest of the wall with a roller. Wait until it's dry to determine if you need a second coat.
  • Step 3: Measure the wall Measure the wall's width and mark the center with a pencil. This will be the center of the first stripe.
  • Step 4: Mark the stripes Measure the first stripe, and use the pencil to mark the start and finish points of the stripe near the ceiling and floor. Connect the lines using a level to ensure the lines are straight. Continue measuring and marking the wall until all of the stripes are marked.
  • TIP: You can use a chalk line instead of a pencil to mark your stripes.
  • Step 5: Tape the stripes Tape the outside edges of the stripes along the pencil marks. Then erase the pencil marks so they do not show beneath the paint.
  • Step 6: Paint the stripes Paint the stripes with the brush or roller.
  • TIP: To prevent the stripe paint from seeping under the tape, paint the stripe with the base color and then repaint it with the new color.
  • Step 7: Remove the tape Remove the tape before the paint completely dries to avoid peeling away any paint. Admire your work and enjoy your new room.
  • FACT: A zebra’s stripes are like fingerprints – no two are exactly alike.

You Will Need

  • Low-tack painter's tape
  • Paint for base coat
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Paint for stripes
  • Chalk line (optional)

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