How to Update a Tired Bathroom

If you cringe over the thought of guests using your outdated bathroom, these simple tips give you a room you can be proud of.

You will need

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Paint
  • A cotton shower curtain
  • Hand towels
  • Colorfulsoaps
  • Scented candles
  • New hardware
  • A new faucet
  • A new shower head
  • Decorative molding
  • Wall sconces
  • Scented soaps
  • Fresh flowers
  • A rug (optional)
  • Bath mat (optional)

Step 1 Clean everything Clean everything — the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. Throw away old or damaged items.

Step 2 Paint Apply a fresh coat of mold resistant paint that is designed to be used in moist environments.

Step 3 Replace shower curtain and towels Replace a plastic or vinyl shower curtain with a cotton one and buy decorative hand towels for display.

Step 4 Swap out hardware Swap out the old hardware on cabinet doors and install a new faucet and shower head.

Step 5 Frame mirror and mount sconces Frame the mirror with decorative molding and mount wall sconces on either side.

Step 6 Accessorize Fill a bowl with colorful soaps, place scented candles inside the wall sconces, and fill a vase with fresh cut flowers to complete the face lift.