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How to Keep Your Teen Safe at the Prom

Risky situations may arise on prom night, such as drunk driving, drug use, and unprotected sex. Here are some ways to protect your teen on prom night.


  • Step 1: Discuss prom night rules Discuss prom night rules with your teen. Ask for a prom night schedule including the prom’s start and end times and details of pre- and post-prom events.
  • Step 2: Write a pledge Have your teen sign a pledge with rules that include remaining alcohol-free during prom night.
  • TIP: If you hire a limousine for prom night, ask about the limo service’s policy on allowing alcohol in the vehicle.
  • Step 3: Give your teen a cell phone Make sure your teen has a cell phone for the night, so you can be in contact in case of an emergency.
  • TIP: Establish mandatory check-in times for your teen on prom night.
  • Step 4: Give your teen extra money for cab fare Give your teen extra money for cab fare if they wind up in an uncomfortable situation or if the designated driver isn’t driving safely.
  • Step 5: Stay awake until your teen returns home Stay awake until your teen returns home from prom night even if it means that you have to stay up all night.
  • FACT: In one survey, parents paid total prom costs for 28.4 percent of girls, but only 12.7 percent of boys

You Will Need

  • Prom night rules
  • A schedule
  • A pledge
  • A cell phone
  • Extra cash
  • A rental limousine (optional)
  • Check-in times (optional)

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