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How to Make Your Own Wedding Centerpieces

Save a little money and add a personal touch to your wedding ceremony by creating your own colorful wedding centerpieces.


  • Step 1: Choose flowers Choose flowers that are hardy, and that match the color scheme of the wedding. Avoid flowers taller than 12 inches, as these are sight blockers.
  • TIP: Consider using colorful and waxy fruit or candles as an alternative to flowers.
  • Step 2: Remove thorns Remove unwanted foliage and thorns from the flowers with the stem stripper. Cut the stems at an angle, 2 inches from the bottom.
  • Step 3: Arrange flowers Hold four flowers of the same height and arrange them in a square to form the center. Then add flowers one at a time to create a dome.
  • TIP: Use floral foam to hold the arrangement in place if the vase is not transparent.
  • Step 4: Bind the stems Bind the flowers together with floral tape 3 to 4 inches below the heads.
  • Step 5: Trim the stems Hold the flowers up to the vase to see how much the stems need to be trimmed. Trim them at an angle.
  • Step 6: Fill vase Fill the vase 1 or 2 inches from top with water. Then place the flowers in the vase.
  • Step 7: Maintain the centerpieces Store the centerpieces in a cool room and spritz them with water to keep them fresh.
  • FACT: According to 2008 census data, 76 percent of Americans who have been married have married only once.

You Will Need

  • 50 to 75 stems of flowers
  • Stem stripper
  • Knife
  • Floral tape
  • Vase
  • Water
  • Fruit or candles (optional)
  • Floral foam (optional)

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