How to Rock Being a Nerd

The defining characteristic of a nerd is braininess. So, if you're a nerd, you know you are. Now you need to rock it.

You will need

  • Area of expertise
  • Books
  • Groundbreaking project
  • Network
  • Nerdy clothes
  • Good grades
  • e-book reader (optional)

Step 1 Excel at something Be awesome at something. There are many different types of nerds. Determine whether you’re a math, science, literature, sci-fi, music, video game, computer, chess, or some other kind of nerd, and embrace your nerdiness. Confidence rocks anything.

Step 2 Carry books Carry a book with you at all times. Nothing says “I’m a brainiac” like carrying around books that nobody else understands.

Step 3 Use your smarts to create something Do something really cool with your intelligence. Conquer new frontiers by writing a computer program, inventing new electronics, or composing an amazing piece of music.

Step 4 Create your own network of nerds Create your own network of nerds — start an underground club and a newspaper.

Step 5 Own your look Be proud of your pocket protector, suspenders, high-waist pants, black-framed glasses, and your mismatched accessories. The nerd look is indistinguishable from the hipster look.

Step 6 Study Apply yourself to your studies to get high enough grades for acceptance — better yet, a scholarship — to a top school, and eventually land the perfect job. You’ll be smiling at every high school reunion.