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How to Deal with College Kids Home for the Summer

Your independent college student is coming home for the summer after months of unsupervised personal freedom. Make the transition smooth with open communication and an open mind.


  • Step 1: Welcome them home Welcome them back home and let them know how much you missed them.
  • Step 2: Accept differences Accept that your child has changed. Appreciate them for who they are now.
  • Step 3: Come to an agreement Come to an agreement on new house rules. Such rules typically include curfews, household chores, and use of the car.
  • TIP: Listen to your child’s needs and opinions.
  • Step 4: Allow them time for friends Allow them time to spend as they wish. They may want to spend time with old friends or pursuing other personal interests.
  • Step 5: Encourage independence Encourage your child to maintain their personal responsibilities while at home. Step back and let them be in control of their finances, continuing maintenance on the car, or making their own medical appointments.
  • Step 6: Plan time together Plan some time for you and your child. Enjoy a game of golf or take a family vacation.
  • FACT: Roughly 40 percent of students who start college don't finish in 6 years.

You Will Need

  • Communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Time apart
  • Time together

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