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How to Get Your Kids to Play Outdoors

You love them and you want them to be happy, so getting them out of the house reflects love, not revenge for driving you crazy.


  • Step 1: Shut off the TV Shut off the TV and forbid computer use, music listening, and room dwelling during the day. Declare that any child inside will have chores to keep them busy.
  • Step 2: Teach them activities Teach them activities to occupy themselves, like flying kites or playing outdoor games.
  • Step 3: Challenge them Challenge them to feats of energy and strength, including running laps around the yard, hopscotch, and jump rope contests.
  • TIP: Establish bonds with other parents to keep an eye on each other's kids while they're outside.
  • Step 4: Garden with them] Garden together and help them to identify trees, bugs, foliage, and plants. Make it memorable and let them plant vegetables or flowers they can nurse, groom, grow, and harvest.
  • Step 5: Send them to camp Enroll them in a summer day camp run by your local parks and recreation department or a local church.
  • Step 6: Register them in Little League Register the kids for Little League. If you’re really ambitious, volunteer to coach.
  • TIP: Check out online play sites that suggest fun ways to occupy the kids.
  • Step 7: Give them errands Send the kids on errands so that they can feel useful and responsible.
  • FACT: Obesity in children aged 6 to 11 years doubled between 1980 and 2006.

You Will Need

  • Outdoor activities
  • A garden
  • A camp
  • A sports league
  • Imagination
  • Help from other parents (optional)

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