How to Cheek Kiss

It's a friendly social greeting you've seen a million times. Somehow, when you do it, you still feel awkward. Learn the correct way to cheek kiss once and for all.

You will need

  • Right cheek
  • Balance

Step 1 Start on the right Kiss the cheek on their right – your left – which is the one most commonly kissed. If you are the one being kissed, offer your right cheek automatically.

Step 2 Balance yourself Balance yourself as you lean in. Place three fingers of your right hand on their left shoulder where the shoulder meets the arm.

Step 3 Get cheek to cheek Turn your head at a 45-degree angle and bring your cheek in so that it is barely touching their cheek. This is technically an air kiss, so your lips never actually touch their cheek.

Step 4 Purse your lips Purse your lips while your cheeks are touching and kiss the air to the side of their face. Avoid smacking sounds. Saying ‘mwah’ is acceptable if you know the person well.

Step 5 Repeat Repeat on their left cheek if desired, and repeat up to four times when in France or when trying to give the impression of European sophistication.