How to Go Skinny-Dipping

Go for it – try a swim wearing only your birthday suit!

You will need

  • Warmweather
  • A secluded location
  • Friends
  • Darkness

Step 1 Choose a warm day Choose a time when the water is warm to go skinny-dipping. It makes the moment more enjoyable.

Step 2 Pick a location Pick a secluded location where you will be free of unwanted peeking eyes.

Step 3 Ask friends to join you Ask friends to join you for this exciting excursion.

Step 4 Get naked Get naked.

Step 5 Stow away your clothes Place all your clothes and valuables in a bag to avoid losing anything.

Step 6 Run towards water Run and skip towards the water. Internally scream and holler in anticipation.

Step 7 Enjoy the moment Enjoy the moment. Savor the sensation of the water against your skin, the adrenaline pumping through your body, and feeling of exhilaration.