How to Lock Your Bike

Riding your bike is great exercise and is environmentally friendly. Lock your bike securely to deter thieves from attempting to steal it.

You will need

  • A narrow
  • case-hardened U-lock
  • A parking meter or bike rack
  • Your bike owner's manual (optional)
  • A second U-lock (optional)

Step 1 Buy a secure lock Buy a lock that cannot be easily snipped with a bolt-cutter or sawed off with a hacksaw. Choose a narrow, case-hardened U-lock.

Step 2 Lock in secure area Lock your bike in a well-lit area and near other bikes.

Step 3 Take off the front wheel] Remove the front wheel and place it next to the back wheel and the bike’s frame.

Step 4 Lock your bike Place a U-lock around the front wheel, back wheel, and frame, and then secure them to a heavy object, such as a parking meter or permanent bike rack that is stuck to the ground.

Step 5 Position lock Position the lock with the keyhole facing the ground

Step 6 Double up Use a second lock for added security.