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How to Disguise a Tree Stump as a Lawn Ornament

Turn your tree stump into an integral part of your garden by turning the eyesore into a conversation piece.


  • Step 1: Hide with ground cover Hide your tree stump with decorative and easy-to-grow ground cover that features attractive foliage and flowers in the spring.
  • Step 2: Use as a platform Use the stump as a platform to display a decorative birdbath, gazing ball, or statue.
  • TIP: Make sure the top of the stump is level.
  • Step 3: Rest flower pots on top Rest a decorative pot full of your favorite flowers on the stump. Use smaller containers with flowers, rocks, or trinkets to complement the decorative pot.
  • Step 4: Use as a flower pot Hollow out the center with an axe and use your tree stump as a natural flowerpot.
  • Step 5: Use as a planter Drill a hole at the base for drainage and fill the hollowed stump with soil. Then plant an assortment of your favorite trailing flowers to complement your landscape.
  • Step 6: Turn tree stump into a table Turn your tree stump into a beautiful table by adding a stone slab, plexiglass, or wood for a tabletop.
  • FACT: In pioneer days, lawn ornaments were mostly functional. Whirligigs, scarecrows, and fencing were used to keep animals away from crops.

You Will Need

  • Ground cover
  • A birdbath
  • gazing ball
  • or statues
  • Decorative pots
  • Flowers
  • Decorative rocks or trinkets
  • An axe
  • A drill
  • Screws
  • A stone slab
  • Plexiglas
  • or wood

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