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How to Cook Sweet Potatoes on Hot Stones

In autumn, the sweet potato man is a common site on the streets of Japan, but you can enjoy stone-roasted sweet potatoes in any country.


  • Step 1: Build a fire Build a wood fire and let it form hot coals.
  • Step 2: Wash some pebbles Wash a bucket of smooth pebbles about the size of peas and place them in the Dutch oven.
  • TIP: Don't dry the pebbles before placing them in the oven. The water on the pebbles will steam the potatoes.
  • Step 3: Place the sweet potatoes in the pebbles Place several sweet potatoes into the pebbles so that pebbles partially cover the potatoes.
  • Step 4: Place the oven on the coals Cover the Dutch oven and place it on the hot coals. Move some of the coals to the top of the oven.
  • Step 5: Cook the sweet potatoes Allow the sweet potatoes to cook in the oven for an hour, and then remove them with the tongs. Enjoy them as a side or a main dish.
  • FACT: The sweet potato originated in the Americas and was introduced to Japan by way of China around 1700 C.E.

You Will Need

  • A wood fire
  • A bucket
  • Smooth pebbles
  • A Dutch oven
  • Tongs

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