How to Axle Stall

Ramp up your ramp riding with this gnarly pro move.

You will need

  • Protective gear
  • A skateboard
  • Mastery of basic skateboarding skills
  • Ramp-riding familiarity
  • Ability to kick turn
  • The quarter-pipe of a mini-ramp

Step 1 Ride up the ramp Ride your skateboard up to the top edge of the ramp, known as the coping. Use just enough speed to get to the top.

Step 2 Do a kick turn Do a partial kick turn onto the coping by turning your shoulders parallel to the coping, planting the rear wheels, and balancing on them while quickly swinging the front of your board around until it’s parallel with the ramp.

Step 3 Balance Balance — or stall — in this position for a few moments, leaning on your heels. Don’t grind, or scrape the axles, across the surface.

Step 4 Kick turn and go Lead with your shoulder, and do another partial kick turn back down the ramp when you have held the stall long enough to roll back down.