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How to Stay Awake at Work

Sometimes monotonous work can bore you, and sometimes you just don't get enough sleep. Learn to stay alert if you don't want to get caught dozing at your desk.


  • Step 1: Use light Expose yourself to bright light, preferably natural daylight, to remind your mind and body that you should be awake.
  • Step 2: Drink water Drink water to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes fatigue.
  • TIP: Caffeine can keep you awake, but large doses often come with a crash.
  • Step 3: Move Get up from your desk every 30 minutes to walk, jump, or otherwise move around.
  • Step 4: Keep cool Keep cool by walking in cold weather, turning on the air conditioning, or splashing cold water on your face.
  • Step 5: Chew gum Chew eucalyptus gum. A strong smell can wake you right up.
  • Step 6: Use acupressure Massage your neck and the backs of your hands to improve circulation.
  • Step 7: Listen to music Listen to up-tempo music. Nothing soothing or relaxing, but something that really gets you going.
  • FACT: Humans sleep less than other primates, like chimps and baboons, who sleep around 10 hours per day.

You Will Need

  • A bright light
  • Water
  • Light exercise
  • Cold weather or air conditioning
  • Eucalyptus chewing gum
  • Acupressure
  • Fast music

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