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How to Choose Jewelry-Making Supplies

You have a dazzling jewelry style concept that’s going to wow them all. Get the supplies you need to make it happen.


  • Step 1: Step 1. [Decide what you want to do] Conceive of ideas for jewelry so that you narrow your search for materials. Decide if you are doing this for fun or profit, as this will impact the quality of stones and cost you incur.
  • Step 2: Find beading needles Find beading needles; the higher the number the finer the type. Use beeswax to keep the thread from tangling.
  • Step 3: Search for unique things Search for broken jewelry and reusable beads at estate and garage sales. Look for pretty stones, antique buttons, and unique oddities to jazz the pieces up.
  • Step 4: Use beading boards Use beading boards with built-in measured channels in which to arrange your beads and stones before stringing. Buy a jig for the same purpose.
  • TIP: Check New York's garment district to buy professional jewelry-making materials wholesale. If you can’t get there, many of the stores have online sites.
  • Step 5: Store your stuff Store your materials in storage tubs with dividers. Save glass baby food jars for beads and other decorations. Now you’re ready to create.
  • FACT: Ancient jeweled artifacts found in Africa date back 75,000 years.

You Will Need

  • Beading needles
  • Beeswax
  • Broken jewelry
  • reusable beads
  • stones
  • and buttons
  • Beading boards
  • A jig
  • Storage tubs with dividers
  • Empty baby food jars
  • A computer with internet access (optional)

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