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How to Make Better Butter

Try better butter – it has half the saturated fat of regular butter, but tastes just as great!


  • Step 1: Put in blender Put the butter and the oil in a blender.
  • Step 2: Blend Blend on high speed until the consistency is a thick cream.
  • TIP: Add your favorite herb.
  • Step 3: Chill Spoon the mixture into a container and refrigerate it until firm.
  • Step 4: Eat Spread the better butter on your favorite muffin or toast.
  • FACT: Consuming too much omega-6 fatty acid, found in margarine, corn oil, and shortening, can contribute to arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and depression.

You Will Need

  • Blender
  • u00bd c. butter
  • at room temperature
  • u00bd c. canola or olive oil
  • Container
  • Muffin or toast
  • Herbs (optional)

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