How to Re-Cover a Lampshade

Updating an old lampshade is a great way to brighten up a corner, freshen up a room, and lighten up your life.

You will need

  • A lamp with a non-pleated lampshade
  • A large sheet of newspaper or craft paper
  • A pencil
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Some pins
  • The fabric of your choice
  • Spray adhesive
  • Fabric glue
  • And some ribbon or cording
  • A hot glue gun
  • And some craft glue

Step 1 Remove lampshade Remove the lampshade from the lamp.

Step 2 Place on side Place the lampshade on its side on the large sheet of paper, lining up its seam with the left edge of the paper.

Step 3 Trace edges Trace the bottom and top edge of the shade with your pencil, slowly rolling the shade as you go, until you get back to the seam.

Step 4 Draw line Extend the two lines by an inch and draw a straight line between them.

Step 5 Cut out shape Cut out the shape you’ve drawn.

Step 6 Cut out fabric Pin this paper pattern to your new fabric, then carefully cut out the new lampshade cover from the fabric, tracing around the paper.

Step 7 Test adhesive On a leftover scrap of fabric, test your spray adhesive to make sure it won’t cause discoloration or show through on the other side.

Step 8 Spray adhesive Spray the inside of your new fabric with the adhesive.

Step 9 Place lampshade Carefully place the lampshade onto the now-sticky fabric, lining up the seam with a short edge.

Step 10 Apply cover Slowly roll the shade over the fabric a little bit at a time, smoothing the fabric out toward the edges as you go, until your new cover is in place.

Step 11 Trim fabric Trim away any bits of excess fabric that extend above or below the shade.

Step 12 Allow seam to overlap Allow the seam to overlap itself by at least a quarter inch in case the fabric shrinks a little as it dries.

Step 13 Trim edges Trim the bottom and top edge with a ribbon, cord, or fringe, using fabric glue or a hot glue gun to secure it a bit at a time.

Step 14 Pin trim Pin the trim in place as you go so it dries in a straight, neat line.

Step 15 Return shade When the adhesive and glue have dried, return your shade to your lamp, and let your light shine.