How to Improve Sexual Foreplay

Ratchet up the sexual tension with these passionate preludes.

You will need

  • Mental foreplay
  • A kitchen
  • Hot towels and ice cubes
  • Willingness to experiment

Step 1 Build anticipation Start foreplay several hours before sex: Call your lover with an explicit message about what you want to do with them later, or sext them.

Step 2 Cook a meal Cook a meal together. Couples who prepare food as a prelude to sex report more satisfying sex lives.

Step 3 Mix it up Mix it up. Don’t always go from point A to point B to point C on your partner’s body. Experiment outside your comfort zone.

Step 4 Keep your clothes on Delay getting naked. Getting hot and heavy with clothes pushed aside and pulled up or down will make it feel more illicit.

Step 5 Be cold and hot Incorporate hot towels and ice cubes into your repertoire, alternating the two in places you’d normally kiss or stroke. It causes blood vessels in the area to expand and contract, bringing on pleasurable feelings.

Step 6 Remember your audience Remember what turns each other on. Generally speaking, men like visual stimuli and women are more aroused by words and sounds.

Step 7 Focus on quality over quantity Focus on making foreplay good instead of just longer. Contrary to popular belief, more foreplay does not necessarily lead to better orgasms for women, according to the latest research; it’s longer intercourse that helps!