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How to Grow Tulips

The easy-to-grow tulip gave rise to Tulipmania in the 16th century, and continues to be one of the most popular flowers gracing home gardens.


  • Step 1: Design your layout Design your tulip layout on paper. To plan an appealing display, keep in mind the bloom time and height of the varieties you intend to plant.
  • TIP: Select a combination of early-, mid-, and late-season bloomers to create a display spanning the entire season.
  • Step 2: Select location Select a planting location with well-drained sandy soil and which receives full sun.
  • Step 3: Cultivate the soil and fertilize Cultivate the soil to a depth of 12 inches, making sure to remove debris, stones, and weeds. Then add bulb fertilizer.
  • Step 4: Plant bulbs Plant your bulbs in the fall at a depth of 6 inches, and 6 inches apart, planting them pointed side up. Mulch with hay or straw to protect them from cold temperatures.
  • TIP: Check with a local garden expert to find out the prime tulip planting period in your location.
  • Step 5: Water Water tulips in the spring when the buds are rising to increase bloom size.
  • Step 6: Let Mother Nature take over Let Mother take over from here and you'll soon have gorgeous blooms gracing your yard. Next fall you'll want to put your green thumb into action again, replanting with new bulbs.
  • FACT: The word "tulip" comes from the Ottoman Turkish word for turban.

You Will Need

  • Paper
  • A pencil
  • Well-drained
  • sandy soil
  • Garden tools
  • Bulb fertilizer
  • Tulip bulbs
  • Mulch
  • Early
  • mid
  • and late season bloomers (optional)

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