How to Remove Mildew from Sheetrock

Mildew is unsightly and potentially harmful, but also relatively easy to get rid of.

You will need

  • Bleach
  • Non-ammonia laundry detergent
  • 2 gallons warm water
  • Two buckets
  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye protection
  • A face mask
  • A scrub brush
  • Clean water
  • Rags
  • A long-sleeved shirt (optional)

Step 1 Remove moisture Remove the source of moisture that is feeding the mildew. Mildew can’t survive in a completely arid environment.

Step 2 Mix solution Mix the bleach and laundry detergent with the warm water in the bucket.

Step 3 Suit up Put on the gloves, your eye protection, and your face mask.

Step 4 Commence scrubbing Dip your brush in the cleaning solution, and scrub the wall.

Step 5 Clean Use the rag with a bucket of clean water to rinse off the cleaning solution.

Step 6 Let dry Allow the wall to dry, either by wiping it with a dry rag or letting it air dry.