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How to Pick Up a Girl at the Beach

With the warmth of the sun, fresh air, and sound of the water hitting the shore, the beach is the perfect setting for picking up a girl.


  • Step 1: Wait for an opening Wait for the perfect time to approach your prey. Do not approach her when she is engaged in a conversation, on the phone, or playing volleyball.
  • Step 2: Seize the day Seize the day – go for it. Be confident. Walk with your head up, shoulders slightly back, and wear a big welcoming smile.
  • Step 3: Start a conversation Ask her if she will talk to you privately if she is with a big group of friends. Ask her an open-ended question to start a conversation.
  • TIP: Do not let your eyes wander. Look her in the eyes when engaging in a conversation.
  • Step 4: Listen Listen to what she is saying. Be sincere in your responses
  • Step 5: Express your interest in her Express your interest in her and ask her if she would like to go out you sometime. Do not specify a date.
  • Step 6: Get to know her Get to know her by inviting her to the movies or dinner if she accepts your invitation. If she turns you down, look around – there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
  • FACT: In 2008, 1,210 U.S. beaches were affected by advisories or closures by the E.P.A. because of potential risk to public health.

You Will Need

  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • An open-ended question
  • Listening skills

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