How to Choose a Bike

Taking the time to select the right bike ensures that your investment yields the rewards you desire.

You will need

  • A biking purpose
  • A landscape
  • Goals
  • A measuring tape
  • A retailer
  • Test rides
  • A tandem bike (optional)

Step 1 Define your purpose Define whether your purpose in biking is for fitness, commuting, or recreation.

Step 2 Define your landscape Define where you want to ride — city streets, paved or gravel roads, trails, or a combination of surfaces.

Step 3 Match goals to your bike type Match your goals to a bike type. Mountain bikes are for rough roads and trails, touring bikes for the open road, cruisers for city streets, and hybrids go anywhere.

Step 4 Measure for frame size Using a measuring tape, measure your inseam to your shoe soles. Bike frames are sized to this measurement.

Step 5 Conduct a test drive Ask your dealer to allow you to test drive the models you like. Make sure your selection is comfortable and that you can operate it correctly.

Step 6 Break it in Break in your bike by riding a few miles to ensure all the equipment is operating properly. Wheel your way to health, happiness, and freedom.