How to Grease Bike Wheel Bearings

Taking apart and greasing your wheel bearings is a good project for the intermediate bike repair hobbyist.

You will need

  • An old cloth
  • A bicycle wheel
  • 15 mm cone wrench
  • 17 mm wrench
  • Bike grease
  • Soap and water
  • A Socket tool (optional)
  • An adjustable wrench (optional)
  • A magnet (optional)
  • A box of new ball bearings (optional)

Step 1 Remove wheel Take the wheel off of your bicycle and lay it on a hard surface covered with an old cloth.

Step 2 Remove locknut Loosen the locknut with a wrench while holding the cone-shaped piece still with a cone wrench. Then remove the nut.

Step 3 Remove cone Loosen the cone-shaped end piece with the 15 millimeter cone wrench. Then remove the cone.

Step 4 Remove axle Pull the axle out of the hub or cylinder and set it aside.

Step 5 Remove bearings Use your fingers or a magnet to extract the bearings from the well of the hub.

Step 6 Inspect and clean Wipe the bearings, hub, and cones free of grease and dirt. Inspect the parts for cracks or defects.

Step 7 Lubricate Pack a generous amount of grease into the well that holds the bearings. Then coat the bearings with grease and replace them in the well.

Step 8 Grease opposite side Repeat the process of cleaning and greasing the bearings on the opposite side of the hub.

Step 9 Reassemble Reassemble the hub by reversing the process of taking it apart. Adjust the distance of the cones from the hub to make it fit securely.

Step 10 Clean up Wipe away any excess grease and wash your hands with soap and water.