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How to Sew a Throw Pillow

Finding that perfect pillow to match your couch or bed may seem like a frustrating task, but why settle for simple decor when you can make your own chic throw pillow to match any room?


  • Step 1: Wash fabric Wash the fabric to remove any finishing and to preshrink it.
  • TIP: Adding white vinegar to your wash will help keep colors from bleeding.
  • Step 2: Cut front Cut a piece of fabric to the same size as the front of the pillow form. If the pillow is firm, add 1 inch to the width and length for seam allowance.
  • Step 3: Cut back Cut another piece of fabric just as wide as the front piece, but 4 inches longer, for the back piece.
  • Step 4: Cut the back in half Fold the back piece in half lengthwise and cut along the fold to make it two pieces.
  • Step 5: Fold the width and pin Fold the edge of one of the back pieces ¼-inch along the side that is the same width as the front piece. Then fold it over one more time to hide the raw edge and pin it in place. Repeat with the other back piece.
  • Step 6: Sew pinned edge Sew the pinned edges into place, removing the pins as you go.
  • Step 7: Lay pieces together and pin Lay the front piece down with the right side up. Lay the back pieces on top of the front with the right sides down and the edges lined up. Pin the edges of the pieces together.
  • TIP: The back pieces will overlap one another by 1½ inches. The opening will allow the pillow form to be removed for cleaning later on.
  • Step 8: Sew pieces together Sew the front and backs together along the pinned edges. Remove the pins as you go and then trim away any excess fabric or thread.
  • Step 9: Turn inside out and fill Turn the cover inside out. Place the pillow form inside and take it for a test drive.
  • FACT: Historically, many women in Japan used wooden neck supports as pillows so as not to muss up their elaborate hairstyles during sleep.

You Will Need

  • 1 yard fabric
  • Pins
  • A needle and thread
  • A pillow form
  • White vinegar (optional)

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