How to Make a Gift Bouquet of Flowers

Whether you're giving them to a friend, a hostess, or that mysterious blonde at the laundromat, a gift bouquet is easy to make and always appreciated.

You will need

  • The fresh flowers of your choice
  • The filler greens of your choice
  • A pair of gardening shears or scissors
  • A square sheet of clear plastic
  • craft paper
  • or gift wrap
  • One or two large squares of tissue paper
  • Two 8 to 12-inch lengths of ribbon
  • And a flat surface

Step 1 Hold flowers Place the flowers one by one in your hand so their tops are more or less even. Hold them together.

Step 2 Tie together Tie the bunch together at the stems with one of the ribbons.

Step 3 Cut stems Cut the stems straight across the bottom with a pair of sharp garden shears to give them a uniform length.

Step 4 Place ribbon in plastic Lay the other ribbon down horizontally on a flat surface. Place a square sheet of clear plastic over the ribbon with a corner of the plastic at the top and bottom (so it’s in the shape of a diamond).

Step 5 Place tissue paper Place the square sheets of tissue paper over the plastic in the same manner.

Step 6 Lay flowers Lay the flowers on top of the tissue paper with the stems at the bottom corner.

Step 7 Wrap tissue paper Neatly wrap the tissue paper over the stems, overlapping the side corners, so that you’ve formed a cone shape around the bouquet.

Step 8 Wrap plastic Wrap the plastic over the bouquet in the same manner, overlapping the side corners.

Step 9 Tie bow Pull the ends of the second ribbon up around the bouquet and tie a decorative bow.