How to Know If Your Baby’s Poop Is Healthy

A quick check of your baby's poop for frequency, consistency, and color can tell you if you need a trip to the doctor.

You will need

  • A strong stomach
  • A dirty diaper

Step 1 Pooping frequency Keep an eye on how frequently your baby poops. If that pattern changes for more than a couple of days, call your doctor.

Step 2 Check poop consistency Check the consistency. Runny diapers that continue for 2 or 3 days could mean an infection or allergy and a hard stool could indicate constipation.

Step 3 Check poop color Take note of the color of your baby’s poop, which may be affected by what your baby is eating and how well they are digesting.

Step 4 Contact doctor Call your doctor if your baby’s stool is black and tar-like, is bloody, or is white and chalky.