How to Flirt with a Girl

Asking a girl out can be an intimidating experience. Try flirting to break the ice and see if you get a positive reaction.

You will need

  • Confidence
  • Eye contact
  • A smile
  • Open-ended questions
  • And a sense of humor

Step 1 Be confident Be confident. Confidence is a trait women find attractive.

Step 2 Make eye contact Make eye contact with her and greet her with a smile.

Step 3 Approach her Approach her and ask her an open-ended question that begins with “how” or “why” to encourage a conversation.

Step 4 Make her laugh Make her laugh by telling a joke or making a witty comment.

Step 5 Give a compliment Give her genuine compliments throughout your conversations.

Step 6 Touch her Gently touch her on her arm or shoulder when talking. Pay close attention to how she reacts and respond appropriately.

Step 7 Ask her out Ask her out if she positively responds to your flirtatious moves.