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How to Get Rid of Back Fat

Don't panic if excess weight sneaks up behind you. Banish back fat forever with these back-targeting tips.


  • : Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or exercise plan.
  • Step 1: Hide it for now Conceal your back fat while you work on getting rid of it by avoiding tight, clingy clothes and investing in a new, well-fitting bra.
  • TIP: Good posture makes you appear slimmer and makes your back look smoother.
  • Step 2: Set goals with diet and exercise Get fit. Set realistic goals for weight loss. Aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week by eating smaller portions, picking foods that are low in fat, and doing a 30-minute cardio workout five days a week.
  • TIP: With a combination of diet and exercise, results may be visible in as little as two weeks.
  • Step 3: Target back muscles Target your lower back by doing the "Superman." Lay facedown on an exercise mat with your arms stretched out, in line with your body. Lift your arms and legs simultaneously, hold for a beat or two; then lower them.
  • Step 4: Do the bent-over row Do bent-over rows to work the muscles in the middle of your back. Bend over at a 45-degree angle with your legs shoulder-width apart, slightly bent. Lower the weights in front of your body; then pull them towards you, squeezing your shoulder blades together and holding for a beat before returning to the starting position.
  • Step 5: Target the middle and lower back Do seated rows to tone the upper back. Sit with your legs straight in front of you, feet flexed. Wrap the resistance band around the bottoms of your feet, holding an end in each hand. Pull your hands to the sides of your torso, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold for a beat, then return to the starting position.
  • Step 6: Do lateral pull-downs Do lateral pull-downs for the area under your arms. Raise your arms over your head, gripping the band in each hand so that it's taut. Keep one arm anchored while you pull down the other arm so it's perpendicular to your body. Hold, then return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side for one repetition.
  • Step 7: Keep it up Keep it up! Do three sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise, two to three times a week, and kiss your back fat good-bye!
  • FACT: Excess back fat is less of a health hazard than excess belly fat.

You Will Need

  • Appropriate clothes
  • Realistic goals
  • Will power
  • An exercise mat
  • Two 5-pound exercise weights
  • A resistance band
  • Good posture (optional)

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