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How to Say Seven Key Gaelic Phrases

Whether you're going to Ireland or want to impress someone from the Old Sod, these words will come in handy. The trick is to master the pronunciation!


  • Step 1: Say hello Give everyone you meet a pleasant, "Dia duit!" which means, "Good day!"
  • Step 2: Exchange pleasantries Respond to a greeting of "Dia duit," with "Dia is Muire duit," which means "God and Mary to you."
  • Step 3: Be polite Be polite by knowing how to say please – "le d'thoil" – and "thank you" – "go raibh maith agat."
  • Step 4: Know how to say "yes" and "no" Know how to say "yes" – ta – and "no" – nil.
  • Step 5: Say "Cheers!" Know how to say "Cheers!" in a pub; the word is "Slainte!"
  • TIP: To add good health wishes to your toast, say: "Slainte chugat."
  • Step 6: Say goodbye Bid someone farewell with "slan."
  • Step 7: Know where the action is If someone mentions "craic agus ceol," put on your dancing shoes: It refers to Irish nightlife involving music.
  • FACT: The Irish alphabet, a variant of the Roman alphabet that developed in the 8th century CE, only has 18 letters.

You Will Need

  • Good memory
  • Practice

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