How to Build Your Own Bicycle Basket

Personalize your bike and make a place to stash your stuff with a DIY bicycle basket.

You will need

  • A basket or crate
  • Fork struts or a bike rack
  • Zip ties
  • A drill
  • Books
  • Decorations
  • Hooks
  • A waterproof lid
  • Bungee cords (optional)

Step 1 Find a basket Find the perfect object to repurpose as a basket on your bike. A milk crate is functional and classic, while a wicker basket or wine crate shows off your style.

Step 2 Install struts Securely attach a pair of struts or a flat-topped bike rack to the front fork hub or rear seat stays on your bike.

Step 3 Attach bottom Hold the box on top of the struts or rack and attach it with zip ties. If your basket doesn’t have holes, make some with a drill.

Step 4 Attach back Secure the back of the basket with more zip ties. If your basket is mounted on the front, fasten it to the head tube or handlebars.

Step 5 Test Put a few books in your basket and take it for a test ride. Keep a bungee cord or two in your basket to hold your books and groceries in place.

Step 6 Accessorize Decorate your basket with homemade decals or charms and add functional hooks and a waterproof lid. Be creative and make it your own.