How to Recover a Stolen Bike

If you find that expensive bicycle suddenly missing, this guide will help you recover your two-wheeled friend quickly and safely.

You will need

  • The bike's serial number
  • A photo of the bike
  • An official police report
  • A flyer
  • A computer with internet access
  • An etcher (optional)

Step 1 Retrieve serial number Retrieve your bike’s serial number from the owner’s manual or from the shop where you bought the bike. Find a recent photo, too.

Step 2 File a police report Call and file a police report to create an official record of the stolen bike. Get copies of the paperwork.

Step 3 Pass out flyers Pass out flyers with the serial number and a picture of the bike in the area where it was stolen, including used bike stores and pawn shops.

Step 4 Post online Post all the information about your stolen bike on social networking sites and tell friends and family members as soon as possible.

Step 5 Monitor internet and garage sales Monitor online auction sites as well as garage sales in the area. If you see your bike, call the police immediately.