How to Start a Beach Volleyball League

One of the most popular summer sports worldwide, beach volleyball is a fun, social, and skill-building activity.

You will need

  • Participants
  • A beach
  • Equipment
  • A committee
  • A meeting
  • Training
  • A tournament
  • Sponsors (optional)
  • A budget (optional)

Step 1 Define scope Define the scope of the club, either high performance or participation and development based or both. Decide whether you’re an independent league or will have affiliations, such as an inter-community league.

Step 2 Get participants Establish an age range and the number of people you need. Recruit friends and acquaintances, and then advertise in newspapers, newsletters, or online for players and coaches.

Step 3 Secure beach and equipment Contact community beaches and recreation centers to secure a beach facility. Gather balls, ball bags, a first aid kit, and t-shirts or uniforms.

Step 4 Form a committee Nominate a president, secretary, and treasurer and form subcommittees of volunteers to handle issues like fundraising, recruiting, and transportation.

Step 5 Hold a meeting Elect officials to represent each team and hold a league-wide meeting. Go over league goals and plans and come up with team names.

Step 6 Train Train your teams in basic skills and make sure everyone knows the rules and regulations of the game. Organize matches between the teams.

Step 7 Play ball Have a tournament. Organize a bracket system and play some volleyball.