How to Change Thread When Crocheting

Whether you are changing colors or joining two skeins, this method is easy and works well for either single or double crochet stitches.


  • Step 1: Finish first thread Pause your crocheting before you run out of the old thread. Leave a tail at least 4 inches long.
  • TIP: Join the new thread at the end of a row, unless your pattern calls for a color change in the middle of a row.
  • Step 2: Position new thread Position the new yarn on top of the last row of stitches.
  • Step 3: Yarn over Wrap the new thread behind and over the needle to yarn over.
  • Step 4: Join Hook the new thread and pull it through the two loops on the needle.
  • Step 5: Crochet Continue making crochet stitches with the new thread.
  • Step 6: Knotted join Join the two threads with a small knot if the previous method fails.
  • Step 7: Weave ends Weave in the loose ends across a row with a yarn needle.
  • FACT: A New York art gallery featured giant sculptures of crocheted rope in 2007, and visitors were encouraged to climb over the huge woven structures.

You Will Need

  • Yarn/thread
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

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