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How to Sync Files with Dropbox

The Dropbox utility can automatically sync your computer files with other devices each time you save them.


  • Step 1: Install Download and install Dropbox on your computer or mobile device and on any other computer or device that you want it to sync with.
  • TIP: To install Dropbox and sync files, you must be connected to the internet. If you are disconnected, Dropbox will automatically sync when your connection is restored.
  • Step 2: Add files Drag the files you want to sync to your Dropbox folder – found in Documents on a PC or the home directory on a Mac.
  • TIP: Another method of adding files is to click the Upload link and follow the instructions to add your files on the Dropbox website.
  • Step 3: Edit Revise or edit the file in your Dropbox.
  • Step 4: Save Click Save to save the file. Dropbox will update your saved changes on your other devices within moments.
  • Step 5: Confirm Confirm that your files are synced by finding the icon that looks like a checkmark inside a green circle. This icon indicates that the file is up-to-date.
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You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Compatible mobile device
  • Dropbox software

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