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How to Avoid Getting Called On in Class

If you find yourself unprepared for class, take these steps to keep the attention away from you.


  • Step 1: Sit in the back Sit in the back of the classroom, preferably behind someone who consistently engages in classroom discussions.
  • Step 2: Look confident Sit tall and look as if you are thinking about the question while wearing a confused look on your face.
  • TIP: Avoid looking down, which could attract the teacher's attention and increase your chances of being called on.
  • Step 3: Be alert Be alert and pay attention. Do not stare out the window, pick at your nails, or doodle.
  • Step 4: Look through your notes Look through your notes as if you're trying to search for a forgotten answer.
  • Step 5: Raise your hand Raise your hand, and when called on, ask the teacher if you can be excused to use the lavatory.
  • FACT: The largest numbers of bachelor's degrees earned in the 2006 and 2007 school year were in the business field.

You Will Need

  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Notes

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