How to Multiply Mixed Numbers

Do you need two and a half dozen cookies, but a recipe only makes one dozen? Don't let the daunting task of multiplying mixed numbers get in the way.

You will need

  • Paper
  • A pencil

Step 1 Write the numbers down Write your mixed numbers down on a piece of paper to convert them to improper fractions.

Step 2 Convert to improper fraction Multiply the denominator – the bottom number of the fraction – by the whole number, and then add the top number of the fraction – the numerator. Write the product on top of the denominator.

Step 3 Write the improper fractions Write the improper fractions side-by-side on your paper.

Step 4 Multiply the numerators Multiply the numerators and write the product as the numerator of your solution.

Step 5 Multiply the denominators Multiply the denominators and write the product as the denominator of your solution.

Step 6 Simplify Simplify the resulting fraction and write the solution as a mixed number.