How to Broomstick Lace Crochet

Broomstick lace crochet forms a visually interesting and beautiful stitch.

You will need

  • A size K crochet hook
  • Nine skeins of yarn
  • A size 50 knitting needle
  • Additional skeins of yarn (optional)

Step 1 Make a chain Use the crochet hook to do a slipstitch of the first color, and then chain 180.

Step 2 Loop the needle Form row one. Hold the crochet hook with your right hand and the knitting needle with your left, insert the hook into the loop, pull it up, and place it on the needle.

Step 3 Loop the remaining chains Insert the hook into the second chain, yarn over, and pull up a second loop. Place the loop on the needle and repeat this process for the rest of the row until there are 180 loops on the needle.

Step 4 Form row two Form row two. Slip off the five loops nearest the point of the needle and turn them to the right. Insert the crochet hook through the loops, yarn over, chain one, and do five single crochets.

Step 5 Complete row two Slip off the remaining loops in groups of five. For each group, turn the loops to the right, insert the hook, yarn over, and do five single crochets. Continue until row two is completed.