How to Plan an Educational Summer Vacation

Don’t settle for another trip to Disney this summer – consider a fun trip full of learning activities for the whole family.

You will need

  • Travel books
  • Brochures
  • Internet access
  • Maps

Step 1 Involve the kids in the planning Ask your children what special things they want to do on vacation. Write down their ideas and let them know that their enjoyment is a main reason for taking a vacation.

Step 2 Involve resources Incorporate travel books, brochures, the internet, and maps to give your children a visual of places to visit. Reviewing the media is educational in itself.

Step 3 Mix education and fun Choose a destination that balances educational adventures and fun.

Step 4 Do educational things Be sure to visit museums and culturally significant sites. Review daily activities and discuss new things they learned, or you learned, in casual conversation.

Step 5 Take pictures Take pictures along the way and review them after returning home.

Step 6 Think about yourself Satisfy your own vacation needs. Schedule time to relax, read a book, or enjoy a nice dinner.