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How to Choose a Farm Vacation

Farm vacations are growing in popularity in the United States. Families pay to stay overnight in a farmhouse and milk cows and harvest crops. Here’s how to choose the right farm vacation for your family.


  • Step 1: Determine the specifics of your farm vacation Decide whether you want an educational farming experience for your family, a B and B style rural getaway, or a farm vacation with outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, or fishing.
  • TIP: Educational farming experiences can include cow milking, cheese making, or a start-your-own-farm course for city slickers.
  • Step 2: Search the internet Search the internet for farm vacation venues throughout the United States.
  • Step 3: Visit a state's farm-stay association web site Visit a specific state’s farm-stay association web site.
  • Step 4: Leave the country Search farm vacations in another country. Europe and Australia are both popular farm-vacation destinations.
  • FACT: As of October 2009, the number of milk cows in the 23 major milk-producing states numbered at 8.32 million a head.

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