How to Take Pictures in Shadow

Frustrated by tricky shadows and softer light? These steps make shooting in the shade a breeze.

You will need

  • A camera
  • Subject in the shade or shadow
  • A tripod

Step 1 Pick a subject Identify a subject.

Step 2 Pick up camera and set to lowest ISO Pick up your camera and for digital camera users, select the lowest possible ISO for the current lighting conditions.

Step 3 Steady your camera Steady your camera by propping your camera on a sturdy object, or by using a tripod, to reduce any unwanted camera shake.

Step 4 Compose your shot Compose your shot.

Step 5 Focus on subject Focus on the subject.

Step 6 Take a light reading Take a light reading by metering the subject.

Step 7 Set camera mode to “spot” for correct exposure Set your camera’s metering mode to ‘spot’ or ‘center weighted’ in order to get the correct exposure of the main subject.

Step 8 Select shutter speed and aperture Select your shutter speed and aperture, based on your readings.

Step 9 Shoot pictures Shoot until you run out of disk space, film or your subject’s patience.

Step 10 Shoot variations in stops With each pose, bracket 1- to 2 stops in either direction to ensure you nailed the correct exposure of your main subject.